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Shri Krishna Temple

Yugal Sarkar Foundation will build a unique temple dedicated to Lord Krishna as part of the Yugal Dham project. The temple will be situated in the centre of the site, signifying the fact that Shri Krishna is our central focus. The temple will be a place of worship open to all, a place where people are able to connect to the almighty through prayer, pooja, kirtan and more.


A significant Gaushala and animal protection/seva centre will be a major part of the Yugal Dham project. A large number of cows and other animals will be served in traditional fashion, with 24 hour protection and supervision from specialist staff and vets. Visitors will be welcomed and taught about animal protection/seva, encouraging the entire community to look after animals in their daily life.   

Gaushala & Animal protection centre

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Yugal Dham will provide a home for a number of poor and orphaned children. From accomodation to food, education and welfare, Yugal Sarkar Foundation will provide a home for children who need help to build their future. As part of this, the education provided to these children will focus on combining lessons about religion with the practical skills required to thrive in today's fast moving environment. 

Help for poor & orphaned children


Yugal Dham will also  provide a home for the elderly. Yugal Sarkar Foundation believe the elderly should feel valued after giving us so much- we will provide them with accomodation, healthcare and someone to talk to. The elderly in our society should never be forgotten, so dedicated staff will remain with them on site throughout the day to assist with daily activities.

Help for the elderly


Yugal Sarkar Foundation will build a small healthcentre as part of the Yugal Dham project. On site healthcare staff will provide basic medical advice and medicines for those who cannot afford them. Healthcare is a provision which Yugal Sarkar Foundation believes should be readily available for any member of our society, and should not depend on financial status.   

Provision of basic healthcare


In  the world we live in today, Yugal Sarkar Foundation understands that feeding the soul is of equal importance to feeding the body. Traditional meditation is an art which is being lost throughout the world, and Yugal Sarkar Foundation intends to teach, practice and spread this art in our specialised centre.  Stress relief techniques will also be taught to all members of society.

Meditation & stress relief centre


A large Katha and Satsang Hall will be one of the focal points of the Yugal Dham project. Devi Nidhi and Neha Saraswat will regularly conduct the Shrimad Bhagvad Katha, Satsang programs and celebrations of various festivals throughout the year. Prasad will be served in a large dining room. Through these events, Yugal Sarkar Foundation will bring all members of society together.

Katha & Satsang hall

Yugal Dham is a project which looks towards the future. Protecting the environment is very important for this project:

-  A large, open garden will be created in front of the Shri Krishna Mandir, consisting of various trees and plants, fertilized using natural waste from animals.

- Electricity will mainly be  generated from renewable sources.

- Plastics used will be 100% recyclable- no single use plastics will be used. Prasad plates will be made of natural material.

- Water will be conserved by reusing and reducing water, using rainwater for plants etc.

- Buildings will be specially designed to ensure efficient heating and cooling.

Yugal Sarkar Foundation invites everyone to play a part in making the Yugal Dham project successful

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